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My No Excuses Satisfaction Guarantee (see the bottom of this page) applies to all services, including all telephone consultations, on site training, project work and monthly consulting programs.

We believe strongly in the concept of transparency and full disclosure – as a result we are sharing our detailed services overview.  As a business entrepreneur coach, executive coach and internet marketing consultant we provide specific assistance to both start-up and established entrepreneurs and their companies.

a business that serves YOUR lifeOur Mission is to “help people build businesses that serve their lives”.  This is not about getting you in my business – but rather providing a canvas and picture frame for you to “create your own masterpiece”.  We give assistance, support, coaching and leadership in areas like developing your hi-level strategic plan, your business operating plan and marketing plan.  Coaching and guidance on identifying and leveraging your core competencies and where appropriate assistance on executing your plan in areas we excel at such as building and implementing a marketing plan and dramatically improving your access to new prospects and potential customers.

Taking a piece of Denis Waitley’s great quote – “Winners  have the ability to step back from the canvas of their lives like an artist gaining perspective. They make their lives a work of art – an individual masterpiece”  We help develop winners in business and life!  Let us help you paint your masterpiece!

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Hourly Consulting Rates:

Many prospective clients ask about our hourly and daily rates, and while I have rarely worked on an hourly basis at anytime in the last 15 years here are our guidelines.

  • $2500 for one 8 hour day
  • $1350 for a 4 hour 1/2 day
  • $400 per hour is the current fee for telephone sessions with new clients
  • A Two hour minimum must be paid in advance
  • We will break pre-paid time into four separate 30 minute blocks that must be used within 30 days or applied to a project or retainer agreement.
  • $150 for a 1 hour “discovery” phone conference – paid in advance with no exceptions – Paypal, Bank Wire or Credit Card accepted – see below to arrange

On Site Consulting Rates:

These are our guidelines for on-site work in a business environment for open consulting not on a pre-defined project. For education, executive coaching, training and consulting, these are our rates – paid in advance:

  • Travel expenses paid 100%
  • Lodging expenses paid 100% – we pay our own meal costs.
  • Flights to depart by 7am and land by 10PM local times or  lodging is added
  • $2500 per 10 hour day
  • $4000 for 2 10 hour days same trip
  • $10,000 for a full week
  • Travel time is not charged except in very unusual circumstances pre-arranged with our client

We do accept speaking engagements and personal appearances. I’m happy to support and attend local internet marketing and community events, and will speak at lunches, meetings etc. quite often.  Please contact us to discuss specifics.

Monthly Fees for Business Diagnostic, Strategic Planning, Consulting and Coaching Services:

  • Our minimum engagement is $6000 and extends over 12 weeks.
  • All on-going engagements includes a one time $6000 pre-paid retainer/startup fee which covers the weekly session below plus 8 hours of consulting work.
  • These type client relationships involve a pre-scheduled 60 minute weekly conference call each week for 12 weeks
  • There’s no long term agreement past the initial 12 week minimum.

Project Fees for specific agreed upon deliverables

* We use the above guidelines and after discovery with the client propose an all-in cost | start-to-finish

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What do you get with a monthly program?

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Initial start-up fee includes:

  • A complete diagnostic of your business objectives, strategy & operating plan with recommendations and proposal for implementation of improvements.
  • A one hour review session of the above.
  • 12 one hour weekly conference calls at pre-scheduled time.
  • 8 hours of open consulting time – not transferable.

My No Excuses Satisfaction Guarantee

If at any time you don’t feel like the advice and knowledge you obtain from my consultation is well worth the money you’re spending, then we simply stop with no hard feelings, and I will refund you 100% of the previous month’s consulting fees upon request.

If you ever feel that I’ve taken too long on a project, or our work is not completed to your satisfaction, just say so, and a portion, or all of your applicable fee will be returned.

I value our relationship and your business, we desire raving fan clients, who value our contribution in building a business that serves your life.

We help entrepreneurs develop an online business designed to serve their lives through establishing a powerful web presence increasing global awareness of their business, brand and message.

Still reading? Really? Well if you’re ready to proceed, it is time to spend the money – please use the pricing reference above for an initial discovery and follow the appropriate link below.

Initial Discovery Phone Conference Call

$150 For One Hour