If Not Now When

If Not Now When

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If not now when

If not me who

If it is to be it is up to me

If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me

Yesterday I talked about the one universal constant that affects every single one of us. TIME

Time – Our Universal Constant

And not just that it affects everyone of us but that it is the most precious resource every single human being in every single human being has the exact same amount of that precious resource in their life each day whether you are homeless or multi billionaire. And we each have freedom of choice in what to do with that precious resource.

The two questions I began with if not now when it’s not me who can be some of the most empowering words you can say to yourself each day. And then for further reinforcement feel free to use my personal mantra that has been part of my business life for over three decades

If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me.

The future is mostly unpredictable the one exception to that is the amount of time in each day and that it’s the exact same every day. Even the most compulsive planters and controlling people amongst us may think we know how things are going to go but you know things one rarely turn out how we predict – with the exception of the amount of time in the day.

If Not Now – WHEN?

There will never be a perfect time to do anything to get started on what you want. When we truly desire something in our life we will do it what is necessary in spite of all the obstacles in our way and the reasons not to do it. If we don’t there are really only two reasons we don’t do what is necessary to get what we want

The first -

We really do not desire it as much as we say and we are fooling ourselves about our level of desire


The Second


Why not me Why not now!

It is a choice you have freedom of choice to exercise your freedom to choose independence over dependence is our ultimate freedom. And freedom act as the path from dependence to independence. We are writing about freedom and time and independence and things like financial independence now this week this week of July 4 now when is half over. Do your mid year review now. If not now when. Make the changes you need to make now. If not now when.

If Not You – Who!



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