Free To Choose Our Life

Free To Choose Our Life

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It Is Our Halfway Point of 2013

We have now passed the halfway point for this year – for 2013. I have found myself in a pretty reflective and retrospective mode over the last week. Call it half time. Focusing on the results of the first half looking at what we did right looking at what we didn’t do right and looking at what we need to do yet in order to win the game this year.

What have you accomplished you to need to reflect on your results to look at where you’ve been to appreciate and be grateful for the ground that you’ve covered over the first 181 days of 2013.

How Does The Year Look So Far?

Are you tracking your plan to achieve your greatest hopes and dreams for 2013 and beyond. Are you on schedule, ahead of schedule or behind schedule to realize and achieve your expectations?

Six months – one hundred and 81 days this year we all have 184 days left including today. 184 days – 4416 hours – 264960 minutes. We all have exactly the same amount of time left this year.

What Do You Have In Store For Your Next 10,000 Days?

There is a magical ring to the concept of 10,000. We’ve all heard successful entrepreneurs talking about taking 10,000 hours to achieve success in their chosen field.

The US Social Security administration talks about someone being 65 now today that their average lifespan would reach 284 so I’m going to say I’m not 65 today and 57 and I have on average 27 years left my life I am in the latter 1/3 of my life. 27 years 365 days roughly 10,000 days left in my life.

This isn’t meant to be morbid it’s actually meant to crystallize focus on living your dream each and every day.

Time is the only thing in our lives that is truly limited. As a result our levels of success and happiness in life will be an outcome, a result of how we live the time in our life, manage the time in our life and leverage the time in our life.

And for those of us who are blessed to have freedom in our lives – we are free to choose how the time in our life is used.

Do We Choose To Optimize Our Time and Freedom

Is This Your Daily Time Result?

  • You are simply a victim of time and end each day wondering where did all your time go.
  • You allow yourself to be continuously interrupted and are easily pulled off course by distractions.
  • You say “yes” to every request and rarely say “no” to anything.
  • You later discover and notice that you could have easily done two things at the same time.
  • You look at time as an endless resource, with endless tomorrows and believing “someday soon” is real.

Or Is your Time Optimized As Your Most Precious Resource?

  • Moment to moment of your day is put to their highest and best use. The essence of Arete!
  • Your working time and environment is designed to minimize interruptions, and you dispense with distractions quickly.
  • You understand that to have time for what you value – it bis OK and you must say NO to somethings.
  • You find ways to appropriately multi-task and complete two things at the same time, earning multiple rewards.
  • You each moment is uniquely precious and should be leveraged for maximum value.

If there is one thing you can choose to change that will directly affect your results over the last one-half of 2013 – it is the attitude you bring and the choices you make about your time. Your time your most precious, most valuable resource



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