Build A Business That Serves Your Life

A Business That Serves Your LifeWe help career employees, small business owners and entrepreneurs who feel like they are stuck in a routine of living to work.  It just so happens that many of us baby boomers grew up with that mindset – live to work.  Now we find our children who watched us – growing up as part of the “millenial generation” – Gen Y’ers who clearly have a generational mantra of “work to live”.  So many of us – have some reprogramming to do to get the mindset of work to live.  Then to take that to the next level and have a business that serves our life.

Create Your Masterpiece

Our Mission is to “help people build businesses that serve their lives”.  This is not about getting you in my business – but rather providing a canvas and picture frame for you to “create your own masterpiece”.  We give assistance, support, coaching and leadership in areas like developing your hi-level strategic plan, your business operating plan and marketing plan.  Coaching and guidance on identifying and leveraging your core competencies and where appropriate assistance on executing your plan in areas we excel at such as building and implementing a marketing plan and dramatically improving your access to new prospects and potential customers.

Taking a piece of Denis Waitley’s great quote“Winners  have the ability to step back from the canvas of their lives like an artist gaining perspective. They make their lives a work of art – an individual masterpiece”

We help develop winners in business and life! Let us help you paint your masterpiece!

Are You Stuck In A Rut?

How does the “rut” routine display? Do you feel stuck in the day-to-day routine of running your business? Have you lost sight of the big picture and why you even started your business in the first place?Stuck In A Rut?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the practice of being a business owner that you forget why you’re doing what you’re doing. You may step back and realize that you don’t have a business, you have a job.

Many of us stepped out to escape the unfulfilling role of working 60 hours a week for someone else’s business – we struck out on our own – and soon found the vision of being your own boss did not meet the reality. Many of us may even have thought we were working for the worst boss in the world – ourselves – that familiar person you no longer recognize when you look in the mirror!

In order for your business to be more than just another job, it is vitally important that you identify and articulate the reason for you being in business for yourself. No entrepreneur should ever start off without it and it must be powerful enough to get you through the obstacles you will encounter.

Are you someone who works and works all the time? Is your business/job the last thing you think of at night or the first thing you think about when you get up in the morning? Have you lost sight of the big picture? Can you even remember why you started your business in the first place?

Let me make two things real clear: your business is not your life and your job is not your life. Rather, your career needs to be about supporting your life.

Breakdown Or Breakthrough?

If you want your life to have any meaning beyond work, the most critical step is to connect with what is most important to you. Your business should be making a healthy contribution to the realization of your dream not just financially.  If your response is “What dream?” – Well the dream that started this adventure. The dream that drives all that you do. If you expect your business to contribute to your dream, your lifestyle, your passion… and you’re not clear about what that dream is, unfortunately you will not get there!

I know I was on that path three years ago

Then I made a change – I took the path less traveled – Come Along & Join Me – It is never too late!

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