Brain Funk

Brain Funk

How To Use Brain Freeze To Cure Brain Funk In Our Business

What Is Brain Funk

Having spent the last 5+ years building online businesses I have had the opportunity to interact with many people that had put themselves into a brain funk. I learned quickly how to help people through the funk and out the other side.

Woe Is Me Brain FunkIn reaction to the economic meltdown in 2008 people developed a learned helplessness. A Woe Is Me Attitude. Brain funk basically explains why so many people were feeling down defeated and found themselves not able to perform at levels that they had previously. describes funk as a noun meaning a state of depression and it also adds a certain component of self prescribed to it as in “I sat absorbed in my old blue funk”

For acouple of years really up until the last 6 to 12 months people look at the economic conditions that were around this and basically look at those conditions that they work in that were affecting them were to be described is the new normal.

With the slow uptick in the economy over last 12 to 18 months the lemmings are headed back to the scene they’re headed back to their shackles and their desks. The lemmings have forgotten how mistreated they were at the toughest times by employers and big corporate America yet they’re signing up for another around the disappointment.

Brain Funk – Steps To Avoid

Let’s talk a little bit about brain funk and how to avoid it. If the top economic conditions that people were living in where the new normal to them it was solely because they allow themselves to be there and all they may be doing now and returning to their JOB is a variation of that same funk.

In Brain Funk or brain freeze our brain basically has shut down and quit. Are aggressive drives the energy that we normally could summon to go out and win and be our best have systematically shut down and abandoned us. The brain quits but it still able to rationalize you feel that since it’s so big and you can’t control the economy you really can’t control anything. And once you begin to feel that way for a while your brain tricks you into thinking that that is reality that you are helpless to do anything about it and that you are basically screwed.

Brain Funk like brain freeze is a mental state

Brain Freeze Is Like Brain FunkBrain Funk or brain freeze we have to remember is a state that is inside your head. This post is going out to those people who have found themselves once again in a brain funk. Maybe now it’s your personal situation economies picking up that maybe as the baby boomer you’re not finding the opportunities because of your age. Yes a lot of that might be the wrong mindset but some of it is reality and saloon is a pure blessing when you get in a funk you need to find and focus on the things that you can control that affect outcomes. Focus on those important things you can affect change on and let go of the other. Do not follow the new age drivel and misinterpretation of letting go of that all you must maintain a focus in an effort to affect change in critical areas. Those critical areas I call my personal sphere of control. I find when I slipped into a brain funk in a small depression or helplessness that reestablishing that sphere of control, setting boundaries and limiting negative thinking patterns are what minimize the funk.

Brain Funk – The Cure

The essence of control is you can control yourself and you can control your reactions and responses to what goes on around you.

It is not what happens to you it is how you respond to what happens to you that determines the quality of your life.

You get what you create and you get what you allow. Create your own sense of focused control in your own personal sphere of control and do not allow helpless negative thinking.

Fixing brain funk is like fixing brain freeze.

The first thing you do is you realize that the brain freeze is in your head isn’t truly frozen it’s just impacted by the input in this case the physical cold.

Now you change the things you can control:

  1. One stop drinking the Slurpee.
  2. Two drink a warm glass of water holding some of the warm water in your mouth against the roof of your mouth.

Brain freeze gone

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