Are Entrepreneurs April Fools?

Are Entrepreneurs April Fools?

Written by glenn

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April Fools’ Day

A Fun day! I can remember with fond memories the silliness that went on in school on this day. Tricks we were the brunt of and played on others! Were any of us baby boomers spared the sore butt from having the kick me sign taped to our back at some time in elementary school?   I hear nowadays that kicking a fellow student is not laughed at by teachers anymore…but well I digress. In our day were – Fools all  and It was cool to be a fool!

So today I am turning back the clock and making it cool to be a fool! I am an entrepreneur FOOL for the month of April. How about joining me?  See how to follow along my fools journey below

The urban dictionary defines FOOL as:

Someone who thinks they are correct, but are actually incorrect. Usually an ass.

There are times when I actually think my behavior does fit it in that category. Urban dictionary also goes on to define fool as a term of endearment used amongst friends.

Leaders Are Not FOOLs When They Do The Right Things

But this April Fools’ Day I am definitely Focused On Online Leadership. I believe a key behavior for a successful Leader is to be focused on the right things. Making the tough, educated and required decisions for a business. This is a business practice that must be done and/or led by a leader, the owner, or the executive management of a business! You don’t hire out or outsource critical decisions related to running your business.

Leaders Can Be Fools When Their Focus Is On Doing Things Right!

Doing things right is a critical behavior for an online or offline business! And a commonality between an online and offline business is that you can hire or outsource work that must be done in the right way. As an example – bookkeeping and accounting for a business – either online or offline – must be done right, it must be done in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) – the bible in doing things right in the practice of accounting!

I talk more about Important Leadership Skills Here On My Leadership Blog and The key behavior -

Leaders do the right thing and managers do things right.

This April Fools Day We Are






Back in September of 2012 I had a vision and set a goal to Begin a movement and help others with No Desire or Motivation To Charge up-front for this help.  I have begun offering no-cost coaching calls, strategy reviews and making myself available on a schedule to help other aspiring entrepreneurs get headed in the right direction, get back on track or help them set their way on their journey.

I announced The Arete Challenge and launched a website focused on Living Life To The Fullest back in September and here it is time the vision and dream become reality!

Today is the day we kick off The Arete Challenge and will be sharing regularly (5 times a week) what we are doing and why! We will spend time talking about the how, but will mostly leave that to people who have already figured out the how of doing things online. Our focus will be on the WHY we do what we do and why we believe these choices are critical! Trust me – this is not some fools gold trick or phony baloney 100 day challenge designed to fleece you of some money or get you to buy some Ebook you will never read or use! For the next three months the balance of Spring and into early Summer 2013 – we will be sharing our choices and actions as we focus on the right things to build and develop an online business.

Come check us out as we kick this off this week!  The Arete Challenge

Click For The Arete Challenge Website



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