A Different Way Of Looking At WIN-WIN

A Different Way Of Looking At WIN-WIN

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A Different Way Of Looking At WIN – WIN

WIN WIN NEGOTIATION There is a new way to look at the practice of WIN-WIN! We love and are fully committed to a business and a life of WIN-WIN in the traditional sense. We believe with all our hearts and strive to live the principle of We WIN when you WIN each day. We are all in this thing called life – together.  A basic premise of our life has always been to choose to live and play life and business in a WIN – WIN style. We both have the opportunity to WIN or we choose not to play! There are many business gurus and authors now pushing that the negotiation concept of WIN-WIN is old, tired, and ineffective in business.  This post is not about disagreeing or focusing much on the idea of WIN-WIN Negotiation (we will save that for another time).

WIN WIN LIFESTYLE Let’s just say Life is an absolute concept (It is black or white – you are alive or you aren’t – simple) – Happiness is absolute (You either are Happy or you aren’t) No Grey No Middle ground. We do each define what makes us Happy – that is our personal freedom. We view Happiness and other concepts like – Success, Joy, Integrity as states of Being – not Journeys to a point of Success, Joy or Happiness but the Journey – the direction the steps along the way – so a philosophy of WIN-WIN – mutual satisfaction is aligned and congruent with our life path!

A Complementary View Of WIN – WIN

Our new and additional principle of WIN-WIN is What’s Important Now! ~ What’s Important Next.  It is The Guiding Principle Of Planning – Dependency and Prioritization

Every goal we set no matter how complex it is or difficult it is – is no more than the result of a series of planned steps that we must complete along a timeline path. This path leads us from milestone to milestone or from one objective to another.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” ~ Alan Lakein

Each Plan Must Include Four Components

A written plan is a time driven step-by-step manual accomplishing critical objectives via focused actions taken.  As we prepare our actions to take to achieve our goals – we can obtain the best results each day when we ask ourselves each day “What’s Important Now? – What’s Important Next?”

What’s Important Now? WIN

We take the action now we know is important to reach our goal and as we take that action we already have a pre-defined Next Step as in What’s Important Next.

Having a clear set of Now-Then-Next Instructions, we can achieve anything and go anywhere we want following a now-then-next “one-do-able step” at a time.

Without question, when we set a goal – the first Next Step towards achieving our goal is to develop the Now-Then-Next guide and plan necessary for successful achievement. OK I acknowledge this is obvious and without a guide may appear to be circular in nature and a simplistic statement. The question is If this Next Step Planning is so obvious – why does is it that planning is such a problem for 90% of the population?  We hope our breakdown of planning – Simple Planning For Us Dummies is a help for such a simple and obvious thing…

What’s Important Next? WIN

The first three months of 2013 are about over. With but a couple days they are NOW – HISTORY. What IS Next – is the FUTURE.

Do you have a plan for the next Quarter? Are you prepared?

Do You know what resources you need?

Are you sabotaging your Future without proper PLANNING?

Do you have clear goals for 2013?

Take an accounting of what you have accomplished in 2013 so far. List your top 5 goals – are you on track to achieve them this year? Write Them Out!
1. __________________

2. __________________

3. __________________

4 __________________

5. __________________

Let’s start positive – if you are on track – this still could be the perfect time to revisit your planning. Possibly you can tweak your plans and realize your goals SOONER… and ENJOY them SOONER!

If you are NOT where you want to be, If you are not tracking to achieve your goals -  this is the time you need to look seriously at alternatives. There are only TWO QUESTIONS:

1. Did you really have a plan to reach your goals?
2. Did You complete all the actions in your plans?

Plans Are Usually The Missing Link!

We find the first question is the one most people miss on.  And if they say yes the plan was made! – Was it detailed enough it could be followed by other people? Was it defined enough you could hand it to an employee to follow through on?

Every human being can take action, it is part of who we are if we are alive.  That is simplistic it is absolute. The same is not true for planning. We are not born with abilities to plan. I have worked with good people with good intentions who are stuck in place because they don’t plan.

The What’s Important Now – What’s Important Next – ORDER!

A GOAL without a PLAN is just a WISH with NO HOPE of getting accomplished. You can’t start if you don’t know how to proceed. Written plans are the essential instructions for how to proceed to reach a goal. A plan is simply a detailed map outlining the steps to accomplish your goal as quickly and easily as possible. The minimum inclusions are: a complete list of objectives and the resources you need organized in dependent chronological order. This is The What’s Important Now – What’s Important Next Order!

There is a Bottom Line for us all!  WE CAN do better. WE CAN achieve more. WE CAN attain our highest goals.

  • Identify what holds us back and FIX or ELIMINATE it.
  • Don’t allow PROBLEMS to hold you back. Solve them.
  • Don’t allow one more single moment of your precious life to slip away.

Take a STAND




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