Top 5 Successful Entrepreneur Articles

Top 5 Successful Entrepreneur Articles

Written by glenn

Topics: Baby Boomer, Successful Entrepreneurs

For a quick summary for my readers here are the top 5 blog postings for us here at Be A Successful Entrepreneur.  The ranking is based upon unique visits over the last 6 months. Total views is similar with one different article and a slightly different order.

1) What Happened To Google Wonderwheel?

If you are curious and wondering where to find Google Wonderwheel™. Don’t fret it is still around, you must do a couple things to find it now with the changes from Google Instant™ in September 2010. What Happened To Google Wonderwheel™? Google’s great free tool is still here. Check out my video or step-by-step instructions for how to find and re enable it

2) Resources Successful Entrepreneurs Use To Manage Themselves In Time

Isn’t it the right time to realize that Time Management is just a bunch of hogwash. Time Management is a Myth! Successful Entrepreneurs DO NOT get results through time management! See what effective personal management techniques they do use in being a successful entrepreneur.

3) Baby Boomer Retirement | How Does Yours Look?

This was a really fun article to put together – regardless of whether you are a baby boomer entrepreneur or baby boomer.  The ideas about retirement fit anyone any age.  It is rewarding to see that as one of the Top Traffic Baby Boomer Websites – my articles on baby boomers are very popular.   76 Million Baby Boomers approaching retirement. How many have a plan for that boomer retirement? We know how few are comfortable about their retirement income – how can we close the gap?

4) Douchebag Entrepreneur

Douchebag Entrepreneur

Ok Different Kind of fun here.  I laughed alot putting this article together. Created the term Douchebag Entrepreneur. It also shows the power of getting Google organic search results if you Google this term – 208 results most of them are links to this article including of course the #1 Google ranking. We had fun, got ranking and traffic and my readers liked it – lots of comments on this article!  I do not make fun of anyone real or imagined.  I do believe if you don’t have anything nice to say – don’t say anything.  But like most of my professional life I poked fun at accountants because I was one – now I also like to poke fun at entrepreneurs becuz I is one…

5) Successful Entrepreneur Behavior | The Five Cs

Behaviors Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Behaviors and actions are not characteristics. Successful entrepreneurs believe mindset/attitude and behavior determine the quality of their life. Here are the top 5 behaviors of successful entrepreneurs

We would love it if you shared this post with your friends – it is a diverse sampling of what we write about. It covers topics ranging:

  • Technical Details and advice on using resources to grow your business – written and video
  • Ideas and assistance for Baby Boomers on retirement and entrepreneurship
  • Having fun, attempts at humor and not taking ourselves too serious all the time.

Not only are these top traffic articles but thanks to you our readers they were commented on frequently!

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  1. Clair says:

    Glenn I have read (and commented) on a couple of these and missed a few thanks for the summary – off to read the others – enjoy your weekend

  2. Mal says:

    These really are 5 top articles from you! Even an old “conservative” baby boomer like me laughed at your Deuchebag Entrepreneur post. Show the lighter side more!

  3. Dory says:

    Glenn – these really are a great sample of what you cover. There is much more on the baby boomer topic than is here but we are a small dedicated following! keep up the good helpful inspiring stuff (and funny stuff too)

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