Successful Entrepreneur Behavior | The Five Cs

Successful Entrepreneur Behavior | The Five Cs

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I am interrupting my series on characteristics of a successful entrepreneurs with once again a post that may seem at first glance to be semantics.  But as you will see in post #8 in my series – A Successful Entrepreneur Characteristics is the “language” they use.  How important it is to them that they monitor, control and are precise in their language.  Their internal self-talk and their communication with others.  So some might think that discussing successful entrepreneur behaviors is just a re-hashing – different way of discussing successful entrepreneur characteristics.  Nothing could be further from reality that that!  The Free Dictionary defines Characteristics as “a feature that helps to distinguish a person” The keywords there being “distinguishing feature”  This post is about behavior which is defined as “actions or reactions of a person or animal” there is no reference to distinguishing or differences – note – it throws human and animal into the same description.

I tend to be stimulated to write a post here by my interactions with people – both successful and non-successful.  We experience powerful emotions with both and I am always grateful for the ability to learn and constantly improve who I am, what I do and how I do it! What happens frequently is that I see and witness behaviors first – since I am NOT AN Animal – I am blessed to be able to enjoy the right and privilege to PAUSE between the stimulus I witness and my Response/Reaction.  I even insert a new component to the stimulus-response 9which is basically a sensory nerve reception and a motor nerve automatic reaction) It is the human privilege to DECIDE as in

Stimulus – Pause – DECIDE – Respond

In one of my earlier posts last month I said … successful entrepreneurs believe attitude and behavior determine nine tenths of what happens in their life… Well I seem to have been seeing extensive examples of this the past month.  And I have put together my 5 C behaviors of successful entrepreneurs.  These are the actions and responses that when you observe successful entrepreneurs you see.  I also add hoping not to confuse you see differences in these behaviors between successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs.

Successful Entrepreneur Behavior | The Five Cs

COMMITMENT – Successful entrepreneurs commit to accomplishing or even doing something and they keep their commitments.  They do not create or offer excuses. They just do it!  Everyone is not perfect and successful entrepreneurs demonstrate that – what I see is that a successful entrepreneur communicates immediately when they see that a commitment they made will be broken and communicate to the person they made that commitment to immediately – not at or beyond the deadline!

COMMUNICATION – Great second behavior – note the commitment and communication go hand in hand! successful entrepreneurs are great communicators.  this does not mean they are the best writers, or use thew spoken or written word the best – they communicate frequently, they communicate in a timely manner and they have systems set up to support themselves in achieving and maintaining this.  I use  a recent conversation as an example – a new entrepreneur I was working with was frequently offering up excuses for not responding to an email or voice mail interaction in a timely manner – many times days would pass for a simple response.  The offered excuses were i was away from my computer for a few days, I was traveling, I was unable to get to the Internet.  My coaching feedback was successful internet entrepreneurs make certain they are always responsive and accessible to their business customers and associates.  they do not let the sun go down on a question from a customer without responding.  I did not say without answering… in this day of high expectations – you set the expectations with a systemic response up front or you respond the same business day. This is a great chance to over deliver and exceed expectations.

CONFIDENT – Successful entrepreneurs communicate and act confidently – I can get that done!   Rather than a maybe to the response or an uncertainty – make a bold response a confident one. Even if it is “let’s talk more about the details so we can make that happen!”  Use confident words, undertake discovery in a confident way.  Undertake a project confidently expecting success.

CONSISTENCY – Consistency is of the five both a behavior and a characteristic.  Successful entrepreneurs communicate frequently and consistently, They act in a manner consistent with their commitments.  They behave in a consistent manner that reinforces expectations and delights their customers.

CUSTOMER CENTRIC -  I thought about leading with this behavior but decided to close with it hoping that it would be your lasting impression.  Successful entrepreneurs are all about their customers.  The customer is the center of their business universe! They live and breathe the value of giving value first to your customers – they all have embedded in their entrepreneur code and DNA a value they live with of -  in order to achieve my goals I must focus on helping others reach theirs. Words like “…how can I help you, … what can I do for you, I can do this to help you, let me help…” flow from them.  Genuine offers of assistance and follow through on it are things you see and hear consistently!

To develop habits of a successful entrepreneur it is up to you to do two things

  1. Make the change in your behavior, in what you do and how you do it. make that change in behavior for 30 days and your actions will become a habit.  is it too much to give to focus for 30 days to improve the rest of your life?
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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Just read this article and found it very interesting. It made me reflect on how procrastination can railroad success. Also of late been thinking about the fear of success. Can you take action that can actually create cause mediocre results because of this fear?

    • glenn says:

      Hi Elizabeth
      Thanks for stopping in and joining the conversation! I think most everybody can relate to procrastination and fear of failure. Even a habit of seeking perfection – wanting everything to be just right is form of procrastination. It is something I have to work through myself. So that fear of having mediocre results is a shade/flavor of procrastination – - no one wants mediocre of poor results so it is inherently human to procrastinate – I think. As far as fear of success – that one seems to be a little more difficult to see or diagnose. To me it is more deep-seated and tied to our beliefs – feelings like not feeling worthy of success. I begin talking about this in this post – – Fear of Success I think we seem to cause self-sabotaging behavior and can show up in a wider variety of ways than procrastination – but definitely can be behind our procrastination! Thanks for your input and comments! – Glenn

  2. leilani says:

    i’m a student taking BS Entrepreneurial Management.. and this post really help me a lot.. more powers…

  3. BRAVO!! Awesome article. The 5 C’s interesting. Very inspiring. Sometimes when we are looking into starting a new business it can also be a little unnerving. You sometimes wonder what are the pitfalls that I could encounter. Not that you want or should be deterred from action, wouldn’t it be great to have a place where you can learn from others experiences. A place to learn from failed business ventures. is taking a positive approach to what in our society is often regarded as a negative. The dirty little word failure. We are removing the stigma and turning business failure into something that we can learn from, not shun. When we learn from our own misadventures as well as others we are truly growing. We can than begin to move forward with new found knowledge, understanding and awareness.

    • glenn says:

      I like your niche and your mission to help others learn and grow from “failure”. One of my favorite views of failure is to remember entrepreneurs who don’t fail usually aren’t pushing to be their best. Fail often and fail fast so you can learn fast, discover what’s better and success

      Thanks for visiting and commenting

  4. Dawn Andrews says:

    Hi Glenn – This is a fantastic post and very informative! I’m going to share this with my friends!

    • glenn says:

      hey dawn – thanks please come back and visit again and bring your friends. Word of mouth and email referral has helped our blog rapidly grow to be one of the most popular baby boomer blogs on the internet

  5. Paul says:

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  6. Chase says:

    Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

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