Discovering Your Authentic Leadership

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A key step on your journey of being a successful entrepreneur is discovering your authentic leadership.  Notice I said discover authentic leadership – we do not develop authentic leadership. Much like our view of being vs. becoming is a journey of discovery, communication and behavior.

Our leadership is already there – the keys to discovery are:

  1. uncovering it,
  2. exposing it and
  3. giving it freedom to shine.

Pursuing Your Personal Quest To Lead

Bob Terry Defines Authentic Leadership in his book as:

“Authenticity is knowing, and acting on, what is true and real inside yourself, your team and your organization AND knowing and acting on what is true and real in the world. It is not enough to walk one’s talk if one is headed off, or leading one’s organization, community or nation, off a cliff!”

Everyone knows by now how much a fan I am of greek terms and literature! The word authentic originally comes from Greek sources and means one who accomplishes. Authenticity is about action and fully participating in life

Michael Hyatt identifies Five Marks of Authentic Leaders as:

  • Authentic leaders have insight.
  • Authentic leaders demonstrate initiative
  • Authentic leaders exert influence
  • Authentic leaders have impact
  • Authentic leaders exercise integrity

We must loDiscoveryok within and discover our personal power and position before we can truly lead with authenticity and integrity.

Seeking  your path is the first phase on this quest. It begins by understanding yourself, becoming aware and comfortable with who you are and then simply expressing who you are – don’t attempt to be someone else – be authentic – Be You!

Internal Reflection – Your inner journey is discovering  your Unique Leadership Voice

  1. Discover your true self – so that you can lead from your center of personal power.
  2. Leverage your meaning-making process – enhancing the quality of your thinking through reflection and re-framing. This reflection helps you discover again what brings meaning to you in your life. Discover what is the “Big Why” in your life
  3. Highlighting in your life what is most important through keeping your promises. This elevates the status of your leadership work by aligning your values with your behaviors.

Blaze The “We Path”Discovering Your Authentic Leadership

Authenticity is completely free of ego.  We are both followers and leaders – review your own follower behavior as the key to uncovering your leader behavior.  We do decide to follow, therefore we make our leaders. We respond to something in another person and make a decision to support what they stand for. We recognize that attempts to manipulate are an act of the ego and designed to get what they want from us – to strengthen their ego! Don’t play this game.

The second phase is our Outer Journey which is focused on:

Serving Others.  Helping others attain that which they desire.

  1. Make the choice to serve – creating a powerful way of being that moves us from self-interest to service. It is a conscious choice one makes NOT driven by genetic patterns.
  2. Develop concern for others and the capacity to care. Display and live a special mindfulness toward others.
  3. Create meaningful change – focusing on the true work of leadership. Assist others to make those changes consciously that enable them to allow what they truly desire into their lives.

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