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Wiktionary defines characteristic as being a distinguishing feature  of a person or thing. Without going all-semantic on you in this post – look at the definition of distinguishing – and you will see it is important to recognize that distinguishing also means to see someone clearly or noticeably different.  So when we talk about characteristics it is not enough to copy someone else – you must bring a sense of who you are to that and make it your own.

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The First Characteristic of Successful Entrepreneurs — Attitude:

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People approach life with either a winner’s attitude or a loser’s attitude. Most people do possess a mix of the two.  those bringing a winner’s attitude are typically characterized by high level of self-esteem, an overall positive outlook on life, they continuously express and communicate a general feeling of gratitude, they seem to have a sense and belief in great personal destiny, a willingness and openness to learn and they possess the will to do what is necessary.

As contrasted an individual with a loser’s attitude exhibits poor self-esteem, an overall negative outlook on life – they will even defend their position as “realistic”.  They express and focus on a general feeling of resentment about the difficulties and challenges of life.  They possess a sense of impending negative fate – an almost palpable aura many times exists around them – the cloud of doom! They tend to be less open to new ideas and possess a self-righteous stubbornness about what they “know”.  And last but certainly not least they have no will-power or self-discipline. They are always justifying a failure to meet commitments with excuses.  They have an excuse for everything.

That all being said because you currently possess some loser characteristics does not mean you are doomed to be a loser for life.  The beauty of life is you are responsible for who you are in this moment and every moment going forward.  For my baby boomer friends and associates – it is never too late – just recognizing that puts you in the right mindset already.  Get changing today! You can determine to be a winner and possess a winners attitude by choosing to be on the positive side of:

  • Self-esteem
  • Outlook on life
  • Gratitude
  • Learning
  • Destiny
  • Action
  • Responsibility

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Developing A Successful Attitude

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  1. Gina says:

    You sent me the list of your series and I read watched this first one – Just had to tell you I L-O-V-E-D it! The quotes and pictures are so beautiful. i cannot see them all today but will bookmark this and come back this week and be sure to check them all out – Thank you so much

  2. Tori says:

    Oh glen – I really loved this – the video was really beautiful too – did you make that yourself? I am looking forward to your other inspirational posts in the series – thank you so much

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